So there I was, on a hot Wednesday night, saying to myself: “I really could use some cold drink just about now.” It was roughly around 11 in the evening…and I just got back from my trip to Bulacan. I left at around 9pm…so the next 2hours was basically me going through all the frigging traffic between Bulacan and Quezon City. I think my left butt cheek fell asleep during the trip. On the way home, I decided to stop by the local 7-11 to get some cold soda…or Slurpee…kahit cold water papatulan ko na siguro. As I entered the store (take note: I was in a short shorts and a tee, and I feel like I’m sweating) one of the clerks greeted me by saying: “A special evening to you ma’am! Coffee po?” Coffee?!?….Coffee?!!? Samahan mo na rin kaya ng Hot Choco…j**k@$$!

Still, it’s a bit funny when you think about it…I don’t know…nowadays very little could dampen my spirits. Yes, there are instances wherein I feel ticked off…at work, outside work, at home…but at the end of the day, I just smile about it and move on. Part of my philosophy in life na rin siguro. Ok I have a lot of them, so it should be philosophies… here’s three that I use when I encounter something similar to the one that happened last Wednesday:

“Always maintain a positive outlook… never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyways.”

“Anyone can hate. It costs nothing to love.”

“Always laugh when you can. It is cheaper than medicine…”

makes sense right?

Anyway, that made me think about the other funny stuff that I encountered as of late…here’s my list so far. Some are just funny lang (to me anyway), but not in the idiot range…and ‘yes’, I sometimes answer back…I can be very mean…but I always smile when I do it…it’s more annoying that way…hehe.

Upon riding a taxi in Makati at 2 in the morning on a weekday: 
Me – “Boss, sa Libis po.”
Cab driver: “Libis? Traffic pa po ba ng ganitong oras?”
Me – “Bumper to bumper pa siguro.”

with Edgar (my driver) at a gas station:
Edgar: “unleaded”
Gas pump attendant: “Sir, fuel injection ba kotse ninyo?”
Edgar: “Bakit mo kailangan malaman?”
Supervisor: “Pasensya na po sir, OJT namin yan eh…pinapag-aralan niya yung pagkakaiba ng mga makina.”
Edgar: “Ah ok, sige maganda yan.”
Attendant: “Sir windshield po? Water?”
Supervisor: “Baka po may gusto kayo?”
Me: “kape meron?”

Upon “winning” a “promo” from some company: 
“Ma’am, you DON’T have to submit anything. We just NEED two valid ID’s and your pay slip.”

Overheard at Astrovision: 
“Miss, hindi naman pirated ang mga DVD’s ninyo dito ha?”

While standing at the end of a five-person line in the ATM, a woman approached me and asks: “Nakapila kayo?”

On the phone ordering at Chowking…
Me: “One order of sweet and sour pork lauriat and…”
Operator: “Ay ma’am phase out na po yun”
Me – “But it’s in your menu.”
Operator – “Ma’am, baka luma na po yung menu ninyo.”
Me – “Ah ok, so ano pa yung phase out, so I could cross it out na.”
Operator – “Kayo ma’am, ano po gusto nyo?”

At Mcdonald’s:
Me: “Double Cheeseburger please.”
Girl at counter: “Ma’am, di pa po available. Would you like to order a cheeseburger instead?”
Me : “Couldn’t you just put together a double cheeseburger using the cheeseburgers that are available?”
GaC – “Ma’am, di po pwede eh.”
Me – “Ah…I see.”
GaC – “So, ma’am ano po? Cheeseburger na lang?”
Me – “Yes, two cheeseburgers please, but I want you to remove the bottom bun
of the first, and remove the top bun of the second…tapos pag samahin mo yung dalawang cheeseburger…”
GaC – “Ay ma’am, double cheeseburger po yun.”
Me – “Exactly…”