time really flies..Elijah is turning four and is becoming quite a handful..He is growing up into a boy..gazing at new models of Hot Wheels cars, race cars, collecting dead rubbish and doing everything a boy would do..I could no longer call him a young toddler..He is almost a little boy..

Sometimes I get irritated when he always wants to do things with me..especially when I am working in front of my laptop and a deadline is just an hour away..but sometimes you cannot help but think of what the future may bring..

the next thing you’ll know

he’s holding somebody else’s hands..

you might ask me, is that something that worries me?..honestly my answer is no..for as long as I instill in him the Christian values on Family and Relationships, I’m sure he’ll grow up just fine..

for now i’ll enjoy every minute of his childhood while it lasts..